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City Council approves Phase 2 design

Friday, May 12 2017 8:46 PM

City Council continues to move forward on the future design of Glade Road.

The Council examined seven possible designs for the project’s Phase 2, which runs from Manning Drive to Pool Road, at an April 17 worksession.

Glade Road is a major east-west corridor in Colleyville. City Council has paid extra attention to this project to improve the roadway, while preserving the character of the road. In a previous meeting with the design consultant, TranSystem, the City Council asked to see several more design options for Phase 2.

During the latest worksession, the Mayor and Council showed interests in a design that includes concrete curb and gutters, an underground storm drainage system, left-turn lanes, a trail on the north side of the roadway and a sidewalk on the south, from Rose Street to Montclair Drive.

The roadway from Montclair Drive to Pool Road could feature a ribbon curb, drainage swales with grate inlets and underground storm drains, turn lanes, a sidewalk on the north side of the roadway from Montclair to Pool Road, and a trail on the south.

The next step for Phase 2 will be for the City Council to vote to amend the scope of the design contract with TranSystems, which may occur in May. Phase 2 construction is scheduled in the City’s Capital Improvement Plan for 2018.

City Council members also expressed their eagerness to ensure that Phase 1 construction from Bransford Road to Colleyville Boulevard begins this summer and that a significant amount of work is complete before school returns in the fall.

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